The 2009 Wisconsin Student Portfolio Review is being presented by MIAD and The Eisner Museum of Advertising, and it’s happening this weekend… Hopefully you’ve registered already, because now it’s too late!

If you’re there on Saturday, March 28th, keep an eye out for Cory Zimmermann (a MIAD alum) as he’ll be there reviewing portfolios… (And who knows, he might be keeping an eye out for a designer to join us here at Z2.)

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Photo Challenge #1

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Last month we held the first “Z2 Photo Challenge” where people were challenged to shoot a specific subject, which just happened to be this old red chair that was in the photo studio.

Now, keep in mind, not everyone at Z2 is a photographer. The challenge was not about technical abilities, but about how you look at things… how you see things. If people needed technical help, they got it, so no one had an unfair advantage.

We ended up have having a nice little critique of the photos when we were all done. (No one got to see all of the photos until the critique, and everyone got to explain and discuss their work.)

Since it’s near the end of March, we really need to get the next challenge figured out. It’s a great way to take a break and do something different, and see how others you work with view things.

The photos are below… Enjoy!

Cory's Photo
Photo by Cory.

Deb's Photo
Photo by Deb.

Kerry's Photo
Photo by Kerry.

Pete's Photo
Photo by Pete.

Troye's Photo
Photo by Troye.

Justin's Photo
Photo by Justin.

Marios's Photo
Photo by Mario.

Tony's Photo
Photo by Tony.

Dana's Photo
Photo by Dana. *

* While this wasn’t really a competition, and there was no “winner”, Cory did have a favorite shot, and it was Dana’s. (Congrats Dana!)

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Look, I swear we do way more that identity and business cards… but our pals over at Photojojo (and I say “pals” only because we are both sponsoring PhotoCampMilwaukee) just posted 12 Awesome Photography Business Card Ideas and one of our pieces was included… It’s number 12, the mini-portfolio.

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Cadillac CTS

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We had a 2009 Cadillac CTS in the studio last week for a shoot, and here’s our favorite shot.

Cadillac CTS

Here’s a few shots of us doing the setup. We wanted to shoot on black, with minimal lighting, just enough to highlight the car dramatically. I think we did pretty well…

Cadillac Shoot

We’ve only been in the new studio about 6 months now, but the fact that we can drive cars and trucks right into it is a great feature we plan to take full advantage of.

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