Photo Challenge #2

It took a while… deadlines loomed large, but we managed to get it done. Well, some of us managed to get it done.

Rather than push it off another two weeks, we thought it best to call this one, so we could critique and move on.

So we present to you the second “Z2 Photo Challenge” with the splendid “Self Portrait” as the challenge this time…

Again, keep in mind, not everyone at Z2 is a photographer. The challenge is not about technical abilities, but about how you look at things… how you see things. If people needed technical help, they got it, so no one had an unfair advantage.

The photos are below… Enjoy!

Photo by Cory.

Photo by Justin.

Photo by Kerry.

Photo by Mario.

Photo by Pete.

Cory’s comment on these photos was that they all looked like album covers…

April 20, 2009 · Posted by in photo  


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