The Un-Road Trip

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In April of 2009, Boaz set out on an Un-Road Trip. He’s criss-crossing the United States using every mode of transportation except for car. He’ll be traversing dozens of states by kayak, bicycle, dog sled, scooter, hot air balloon, horseback, segway, hang glider, fishing boat, crop duster, and whatever else he can find. He’ll be documenting the whole journey on his web site:

Boaz on the InterContinental Tricycle

Boaz stopped by Milwaukee, and after his stay at The Pfister Hotel he managed to meet up with Dana, our Public Relations Specialist, and got to ride the InterContinental Delivery Tricycle we recently designed.

Visit his web site to read the whole account of his Weekend in Wisconsin, and if that’s not enough, you can follow his exploits on Twitter where he is @boazf

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We’re please to be hosting the June 2009 Milwaukee Strobist Meetup here at Z2.

On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 we’ll be welcoming the folks from the Milwaukee Strobist on Flickr to the studio to have a meeting, do some shooting, and hopefully, have a good time. :)

Santa Cruz Strobist Info
Photo by Dustin Diaz

If you are unfamiliar with the strobist techniques, you should check out The basic idea is using off-camera flash with your DSLR camera to take your photos to the next level. (Or the next ten levels.) Small, inexpensive speedlights (which typically mount on top of the camera) are used on lightstands, or placed on the ground, or held by an assistant, to get some pretty amazing lighting effects.

You can follow the discussion on Flickr to find out more, or RSVP on Upcoming

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Chrome Is Cool

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Chrome Engine by Generac. Shooting Chrome is always a challenge. Last week I was given two engines to shoot. The direction was simple: we need a cool shot straight on.

With lots of cleaning, lots of white boards and NO Photoshop work… this is what I came up with. It was a fun one. Oh yeah, there’s also a mirror involved.

Generac Chrome Engine
Photo by Cory

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