This Time Tomorrow

We’ve been busy… very busy! This Time Tomorrow is keeping us busy, and it’s for a good cause.

For a bit of history on the This Time Tomorrow project, here’s an explanation:

In 2001, Dick Ticcioni and I were working together at an advertising agency when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma following a hernia examination. Though Dick remained positive, I was devastated that I couldn’t do more to help him through his difficult time. It was the bitterest inspiration I’ve ever received, but it gave me an idea for a song, which I recorded that night in my home studio despite a 102-degree fever. I would become the first of many motivated by Dick’s courage.

Read the entire story at the Then and Now page at

While you’re there, find out about some of the events we’re planning to raise money for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, including Cause-Mo Fridays, which happen every Friday at our office through May 14, 2010, as well as a big benefit concert for LLS on May 7th, 2010… details will follow, but we’re all pretty excited about the line-up we’ve got planned so far.

It’s been amazing to see this project take form in the last few weeks, and we’ve really been touched by people getting involved and helping out in any way they can. It really does give great home for the future.

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