Sizing up video resolution

Someone recently asked the question: “How many more years until what we call “HD” content will just be known as “SD” content?”

In some ways, we’re already there…


Since we shoot at 4K using the RED ONE, we’re shooting at much more resolution than HD already… so really, HD output is small compared to what we are actually capturing.

This is only semi-true though, because even though we typically shoot at 4K, what we gain is the ability to crop the image, as well as run stabilization processing and not lose any of the image (as long as we do final output at less than 4K, which we do today, as we don’t show our work at 4K… yet.) We also occasionally shoot at 2K if we need to shoot anything at a high frame-rate (for slow motion.)

As far as actually being able to watch 4K videos, there will probably need to be a lot more bandwidth and processing power before it becomes the norm…

September 7, 2010 · Posted by in video  


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