Apple – The Brand


In the post Apple’s biggest object of lust, Ken talks mainly about Apple’s business model, but also touches on the brand

This is because Apple has built a super-powerful brand. Just about anyone on earth can tell you what it stands for: innovation and design. Millions will happily pay more for an Apple product, because they believe it’s worth it.

What I think worth highlighting about Apple is, while they want people to love their products, they are fine with not everyone loving their products. While other companies (for instance, Microsoft) focus on having their products everywhere, and used by everyone, Apple seems have the idea that “fewer customers who love us is better than more customers who don’t like us.” I come across more Windows users who complain about Microsoft, and more Mac users who love Apple. Of course as long as those fewer customers are willing to pay more for the experience (and most are) things work out financially, which is pretty important in business.

But it’s also important to remember that branding is only part of it… without a great product to back it up, all the branding in the world won’t help your product succeed.

September 28, 2010 · Posted by in branding  


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