Outdoor Retailer Show

Outdoor Retailer

Z2 account executive Dawn and I were awake very early this past Thursday to make the trek out to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. This event, which happens in both summer and winter, is a big deal for businesses in this industry because a whole slew of buyers and senior-level decision makers are there to notice the ones with exceptional products.

We were there to visit PORON (@PORONCushioning), one of our clients, to see how they were getting the message out about their amazing products and impacting this industry. Two years ago, we built their brand from scratch, and it was great to see in person how our team leveraged the brand in the booth’s graphics.

While walking through a special section called Project OR, we happened to find a young seamstress sewing PORON XRD pads into ski pants. Project OR is a design competition for outdoor recreation clothing, and the woman photographed with the PORON XRD pads is Sara Creech (@sara_creech), a Purdue University graduate. In fact, she won both the Overall Competition Award and the Audience’s Choice Award for her design featuring the PORON XRD pads. Congrats, Sara! We were impressed with what we saw!

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