It’s only as boring as you make it


Perhaps a better title would be “It’s only as boring as you let it be…”

Blogger Shannon Paul has some ideas about getting great content from your boring business. Her suggestions include:

  1. Solve a Problem
  2. Get Relevant, Get Creative
  3. Be the Media

Part of what we do at Z2 is solve problems, and we do our best to do it in a creative fashion. That said, we’ve definitely faced the challenge of making products and services that some would call “boring” into sexy things. That’s marketing. I know that coming out of school every designer imagines they will be working on the most amazing campaigns the world has ever seen, featuring the most amazing product ever created, and design awards will start rolling in for the work they do. That might not happen.

The reality is, you’ll probably have a diverse client-base (I know we do) and part of our job is to find the hidden treasure, find out what makes a product great, what makes a product unique, find the story behind it, and tell that story, and do it in a way that’s exciting.

As much as we’re a group of designers, copywriters, photographers, and marketers – we’re really a bunch of storytellers. What story does your brand tell?

January 27, 2011 · Posted by in branding, marketing  


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