Time to Ford the River

Okay, I’m going to make a confession. I was an addict. It became a real problem when I started losing sleep and ignoring my friends. I was obsessed—I needed to get my daily fix. Finally, I decided something had to change. So one day, I took control of my obsession and quit cold turkey. That’s the day I kicked my FarmTown addiction.

Yes, I was harassing my friends to harvest my fields, logging on twice a day to make sure my crops didn’t die and chatting with random strangers in the town to hire them on my farm. Although it was fun while it lasted, I was glad to have my life back!

In fact, I’m far from the only person who will obsess over Internet games. eMarketer recently said that by 2012, 29% of Internet-users will be involved in social games. Now, that may seem like a really big number, but think about the wide variety of people attracted by games on social networks. I recently met a grandmother who said all she needed was her grandbaby and a laptop for her Facebook games!

Nearly a week ago, however, I almost had a relapse. When I heard that Oregon Trail was coming to Facebook, I almost burst with excitement. I was awash with nostalgia, remembering the days in elementary school when my fellow students and I would be crammed into a tiny computer lab to play educational games.

When I was reading about the Facebook revival of my favorite game on Mashable, I wasn’t too surprised to see concern over whether nostalgia would be sufficient to warrant interest. Players like myself are no longer learning from the game—which really is the point of it, right?

Still, I’m sure I won’t be the only one running home from work to spend the rest of the evening putting together a wagon party, hunting deer and fording a river or two. Here’s to hoping I don’t get cholera and die!

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  1. Pete Prodoehl on February 1st, 2011 12:49 pm

    If you like Oregon Trail you might like Thule Trail: http://www.thuleroadtrip.com/thule_trail/thuleTrail.html though it’s not really a social game per se.