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It’s no secret that people use the Internet to complain about things, and that certainly extends into the area of social media. In fact, if you did a bit of research you’d find that venting about products and services amounts for a great deal of traffic on sites like Twitter. Some brands are dealing with this by putting their best foot forward and trying to fix the problems… Time Warner Cable is one of them.

The people behind the @TWCableHelp account on Twitter keep tabs on the site looking for people who are having problems with their service, or who just complain about something, and offer to help. I experienced this again recently when I posted a complaint about some issues with their web site.

Within minutes of me posting my complaint tweet, I got a reply from @TWCableHelp asking if they could help. They’ll also start following you so you can DM them more info if needed. I ended up trading over a dozen direct messages over the course of 30 minutes, and in the end, my problem was partially solved, and I felt much better about things.

Now, I said my problem was “partially” solved, and since it wasn’t a huge issue, I was OK with that. I walked away from the experience appreciating the customer service that Time Warner Cable offered me.

The takeaway from this is, if you’re doing social media, you need to listen. Listen to what people are saying about your brand, and respond to it in a helpful and positive way. Social media isn’t traditional broadcast media, it’s a discussion between two parties. Engage your customers, don’t just spew marketing messages at them. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

February 3, 2011 · Posted by in branding  


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  2. Olivia on February 4th, 2011 9:23 am

    Yesterday, I too had an issue setting up an appointment for internet at our new apartment. I tweeted my frustration, and @TWCableHelp stepped in to try and get things sorted out for us. I know that’s their job to troll Twitter for tweets like mine, but it still was nice that they reached out and showed a genuine interest in solving my problem.