Connectedness in College

Schools App

From our friends at NPR comes this interesting story about how universities are using social media to engage new students, even before classes start, in the hopes that it will prevent them from dropping out: Can Social Networking Keep Students In School?

If you remember how Facebook got started, it was a tool available only to college students (or those with a university email address) to connect and network, until it opened up to the whole world, so it’s fascinating to see this platform emerge that sort of takes Facebook back to it’s roots, but does so in the name of keeping kids in college to get an education.

Inigral’s Schools App is an application that goes beyond Facebook’s Pages and Groups, and is available only to students within a university, with the idea that as students make friends with other students, they’ll build a network that they won’t want to leave, and this will help keep them in school.

You can see what the students have to say about the Schools App in this perspective video.

February 10, 2011 · Posted by in social media, video  


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