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Every day I get numerous e-mails from different companies alerting me about their semi-annual sale, free business cards or this season’s hot, new fragrance.  When I first subscribed to these promotional e-mails it was likely to get a super deal on a product I was purchasing or because I wanted to be sent coupons (who doesn’t want to save money?).  Now, I get an obnoxious amount of e-mail advertisements every day and what do I do?  Hit the delete button.

According to, I’m not the only consumer who gets annoyed by these boring e-mails or useless posts on Facebook or Twitter.  This article features a study done by ExactTarget called “The Social Break-Up.” It outlines a few interesting facts about consumers who unsubscribe, unfollow and “unlike” brand communications:

  • 91% of consumers have unsubscribed from opt-in marketing e-mails.
  • 77% of consumers report being more cautious about providing their e-mail address to companies versus last year.
  • 81% of consumers have either “unliked” or removed a company’s posts from their Facebook News Feed.
  • 71% of consumers report being more selective about “liking” a company on Facebook than they were last year.
  • 51% of consumers expect that a “like” will result in marketing communications from brands, while 40% do not believe it should result in marketing communications.
  • 41% of consumers have “unfollowed” a company on Twitter.

So what do you take away from this?  If social media is one of the tactics you use to market your brand, add personality to each blog post, tweet, Facebook post or e-mail you send out.  If the content becomes bland or too frequent, you’ll likely lose some followers.

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