Strip Tweet

Image courtesy of Swatch, GrandLife

Social media is powerful… why, you can even use tweets to remove someone’s clothing!

GrandLife and Swatch used Twitter in an interesting way at a New York Fashion Week party by having a model dubbed “Swatch Girl” wearing a dress made of Swatches. Attendees could get one of the Swatches by tweeting to @swatchus with the #swatchgirl hashtag.

This may sound like a crazy idea, but more and more today we’re seeing social media used to put brands out in front of people. Attention is valuable, and social media is the new currency. Every time your friends mention a brand, because they “liked” it on Facebook, or they “retweeted” something they thought was clever, it’s putting that brand in front of your eyes, and in your mind.

So was this a gimmick? Yes… Did it work? Well, Swatch estimated that the promotion had a total reach of 400,000 from attendees’ tweets alone, so I’d say it did work.

In fact, just the other day I heard Jeffrey Zeldman emphatically make the point that “brand advertising works” and he’s right, it does, and it’s interesting to see brands finding new ways to make it work.

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