Nothing Says Forever Like A Cockroach

This is one gift I wouldn’t mind getting or giving! Hopefully some of the thousands of other people who received a Valentine’s Day gift from New York’s Bronx Zoo felt the same way. The zoo created a brilliant marketing idea by selling naming rights to its Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

While some squeamish souls may think this is disgusting, I think it’s amazing! Usually your sweetie will lavish you with candy, dinner and even diamonds, but how many people have a V-Day roach named after them? The Wildlife Conservation Society is asking for a $10 donation for the naming rights, and here’s the real genius, there are 58,000 roaches that need names. This is a quick and fun way for the zoo to pick up some cash. A zoo spokesman says more than 1,000 names were bought on the promotion’s first day back in January.

These bugs are big and can grow up to 3 inches long. Don’t worry, you won’t find them in your kitchen.
Instead the insect is native to the island of Madagascar. The hissing sound is something they really do make, sounding like a cat. However, the sound isn’t done out of fear, but instead done in favor of romance. The males hiss at females during courtship, so they really are love bugs after all.

If you want to name one, here’s the link for more information

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