Because you just never know…


So a couple years back Z2 landed Assurant Health as a client and we were given the task to launch a new product. Did some crazy fun work and met some great people. During that project we filmed a national TV commercial and the lead actor was C. Thomas Howell. You might remember him as “Pony Boy” or ” Soul Man”, but if you turn your TV on now you can see him as Dewy on “Southland” and even on some ER and Criminal Minds reruns. He’s even in the new Spiderman.

Since then I’ve gotten the chance to get to know Tommy and Z2 has even been helping rebrand him. We took all new studio shots and we’re even launching a new web site for him soon. A great guy and I can say he’s not the guy you might see on Southland.

Here is a great article on Tommy on where he’s been and where he is now. Also notice the photos… all shot here at Z2 Photo.

So you never know who you might cross paths with and who you might get to know. Be real and don’t put on airs because you just never know.

February 17, 2011 · Posted by in branding, photo  


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