Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Social media can be a great tool to brand yourself or your business.  But it doesn’t mean you need to be over-exposed or put every last detail of your life online.  Some people enjoy updating their status every few minutes, tweeting about their every move or checking into foursquare and letting people know their whereabouts.  But some people would appreciate more privacy and would prefer to use social media sites, such as Facebook, as more of a convenient place to connect with long lost friends or store some of their most memorable photos.  But how do you do this when your personal information and photos are subjected to constantly changing privacy settings (sometimes even without your knowledge)?  Stay in the loop.  Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to protecting your information online.

Here are some helpful tips from an article on Mashable.com for protecting yourself on Facebook:

1.  Your grandma probably doesn’t want to see photos of you doing a keg stand.  She DOES want to see those photos of you accepting a scholarship award.  Learn how to customize your “share” options on Facebook for new photos as well as older albums.

2.  This same “share” option can be used for virtually anything on Facebook: status updates, wall posts, event invitations and pages.

3.  You’re at Miller Time Pub having a good time with old friends.  You’d rather not share this information with all of your “friends” on Facebook but Joe Smith decides to check you in at the Miller Time Pub without asking.  Can this really happen?  Sure can unless you modify the settings.

4.  Joe Smith’s friend, John Brown, sees your name and decides to search you on Facebook.  Lucky for him you’re the first search result.  Not so lucky for you – you’re about to be bombarded with daily messages from John Brown about this “great business opportunity.”  The privacy settings are easily customizable so that your name is not so easily found.  Make sure you don’t make this privacy setting too strong or you’ll end up like Carmen SanDiego – no where to be found.

5.  Wondering why you see ads on Facebook that are oddly enough, products or services that you’re interested in?  You’ve allowed third parties to access information about what you’re interested in or searching for.  Easy fix: just uncheck the box next to “Enable instant personalization on partner websites”.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for modifying the privacy settings can be found in the article or on Facebook’s privacy page.

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