How To Get Media Coverage

This Could Be You!What Makes a Good News Story? While everyone thinks they have a special story to tell, the media doesn’t always agree. Here are few things the news outlets consider when selecting the stories they will be covering for the day.

Timing is everything and if it’s happening “now” the story is likely to be covered. Viewers and readers want the latest information, so anything dated is quickly discarded. That’s why police shootings, fires and car chases make the headlines.

How many people does the story affect? The media is interested in higher numbers. A flu outbreak that impacts hundreds is likely to be covered over a flu outbreak that hits a dozen people.

The media wants to cover stories that impact people where they live. It has more value if it stays closer to home. People here are more likely to read a story about higher gas prices in Wisconsin versus high gas prices in Georgia.

If you’re a familiar name your actions are more newsworthy. If a business man falls on the ice and breaks his arm, few will notice. If a state senator does it, it’s news.

These stories appeal to emotion. They are covered to create an emotion, action, or simply to tell an interesting tale. They can be quirky, but need to be memorable. If it’s a unique story, it’s also more likely to be covered.

When pitching a story to the media it’s important to consider what angle you are going for. The more work you do to make your story appealing to the media, the more likely it is to be covered.

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