Another type of Artist in Residence

I was pleased to see our friends over at Makerbot Industries now have an artist in residence. We’ve worked with the Pfister Hotel and their Artist-in-Residence program since it began, and it’s been great to see the work that Reginald Baylor and Katie Musolff have created in their residencies. (And we look forward to the work the next artist will create.)

Images courtesy of Bre Pettis

If you don’t know what a Makerbot is, it’s an affordable 3D printer that creates objects based on three-dimensional designs created in software. Years ago a 3D printer would easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, so when I say that a few thousand dollars is affordable, it’s the same way a laser printer was affordable 20 years ago. The prices will continue to come down, while the technology continues to improve.

You can see some of the things that Marius Watz is creating in this Flickr set, and eventually all of the objects he creates should be available for you to download and recreate using your own 3D printer!

I’m a big fan of the fusion of technology and art, and I’m really interested to see where Marius takes this residency.

Oh, and if you still doubt that 3D printers are the future, here’s a kid who might convince you. :)

February 24, 2011 · Posted by in art, misc  


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