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No, I don’t have a stuttering problem.  And I’m not about to bore you with an “all about me” blog.  Meet MeMe is the company producing a new generation of business cards.  These cards are not your average, small, losable business cards.  Instead of calling them business cards, Meet MeMe offers what they affectionately call, social trading cards.  Not convinced that these will be better than business cards?  Here are some key points about these collectibles:

- Each card is personalized with a 160 character bio about you, a “special power” and a short quote.  There is also a picture of you or whatever you would like displayed on the front of the card as well as your own personal Meet Meme web URL and the number of followers you have on Twitter.  Each card is customizable to suit your needs.

- On the back of the card, there is your very own QR code that you can scan with a smartphone or webcam to be taken to the digital version of your trading card (or dashboard).

-Your dashboard can be a reiteration of your trading card or you can expand it to include any links that you want others to know about or that intrigue you. One of the examples on Meet MeMe’s website was the dashboard of Jim Raffel.  His dashboard includes all of the info that was on the front of his card, his picture, and three links to his company, a fun side project he’s involved in and a fun online game.  Your dashboard can include as much or as little as possible.

Another great feature of these social trading cards is that you can order them for a social event or conference. These cards can feature the name of the event and are customizable just like the personal social trading cards.  These social trading cards would act as the perfect icebreaker for attendees of the conference or event and it would allow everyone to collect each others’ cards and delve into their information online.

Still not convinced?  Check out Meet MeMe’s website and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Annie Platinum on March 7th, 2011 10:41 pm

    Love these cards! Can’t wait to order mine!