Inspired… In Bed!

Oh yeah, you read that right. And we’ll proudly exclaim that it is true… at least according to Sealy.

Do you remember ordering Chinese take-out with friends, cracking open the fortune cookies and adding “in bed” to your small hint of wisdom? Chances are, you had a giggle-fest upon hearing, “You will soon be the center of attention… in bed!”

Well, Sealy has a refreshing take on this wacky little game:

I was awash with immaturity when I came across this delightfully unrefined app created by a company that provides comfort under the covers. Simply take a photo of anything and add “in bed” at the end.

Immature? Probably. Hilarious? Yes.

Share these silly photos on Facebook or Twitter for all your friends to see. Albeit slightly stupid, we’re amused nonetheless. Thank you Sealy, for making us feel like 17-year-olds again.

March 8, 2011 · Posted by in misc, social media  


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