Watch What You Say!

Do you want to make sure you’re sending the right message? A new website called ToneCheck can help with that. For a fee, the website checks your email messages to make sure the tone you’re using is a pleasant one.

ToneCheck, developed by Canadian firm Lymbix, adds on to Microsoft’s Outlook email service. It works like a spell-checker, but instead of looking for wrong letters, ToneCheck flags words that may come across emotional to your recipient.
After you write the message, just click the ToneCheck button, and the program scans the email. If it finds an emotionally charged sentence, the Tone Alert indicator at the bottom of the screen turns red. It doesn’t change the sentence, it just alerts you to any potential problem. The program also offers a Support Centre and Feedback tab to help answer any questions.
ToneCheck offers eight different emotional ratings including Anger, Affection and Amusement. The program can be used for work or personal email messages. Worried about what you write on Twitter? Lymbix also developed a program that tests your tweets.

March 16, 2011 · Posted by in misc, web  


One Response to “Watch What You Say!”

  1. April on March 16th, 2011 9:16 am

    What a brilliant concept! I’d like to see the next version of the program translate verbal interactions from one person to his/her significant other. I bet it could be more persuasive than myself about getting the dishes done!