Getting the Right Shot

Chase Jarvis is a damn good photographer, and I appreciate all the sharing and education he does in the area of photography, so I really like this story about getting the right shot.

There’s an old saying about photography: If you wanna get good at it, take a lot of photos. (Actually, I don’t know how old it is, but I’ve had people tell me that, and I’ve told it to others.)

One thing you might notice is, all of the shots Chase has are of people in action. So does this still apply to photographing “things?” I think it can… I know that when I set up to shoot an object or scene, I can easily end up with 20 or more shots, each one with slightly different angles and lighting, and I often don’t choose the one I use until later when I’m sitting in front of my huge monitor scrutinizing things. And yes… occasionally I end up using the first shot I took, which makes you wonder if the other 19 were just a waste of time. I hope not… Seeing the difference in light and angles often gives me ideas. Ideas about what to do, and what not to do.

Often when clients see what’s involved in a photo shoot, they’re amazed at the amount of planning, coordinating, and attention to details that goes into it. And this video doesn’t even show the planning, coordinating, or attention to detail that goes into making a shoot happen, it just shows the photos.

Of course, I’m one of those guys who often finds the “behind the scenes” stuff as interesting (or more interesting!) than the final product. :)

March 17, 2011 · Posted by in photo, video  


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