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A short time ago, I posted about the most recent changes on Facebook regarding privacy and security settings.  Well, here’s another change Facebook has made, but it’s much more exciting.

On March 24, Facebook launched their Questions tool which allows users, particularly brand pages, to ask questions of their followers.  These are not open-ended questions but rather multiple choice.  So what’s the big deal?  As Facebook continues to transition into a “one stop shop” social media site, this is just another free tool that people in the marketing business (or any business really) can use.  With over 500 million users and over 900 million objects that people interact with (like community pages, groups, events and other pages) on Facebook, it would be silly for brands and business to not take advantage of this new feature.  The Questions tool allows for quick market research that would otherwise be hard(er) to get participation in.  Here are some examples of how the Questions tool can be used from Mashable.com:

  • Ice cream parlors can find out what the flavor of the week should be.
  • A gym can find out what time is best for its new hip-hop yoga class.
  • Radio stations can determine the hottest concerts for the summer.
  • Manufacturers can do a pulse check on fans’ holiday shopping plans.

I think this will be a very useful tool for brands and businesses to engage in. What do you think?

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