My Inspired Rant Seeks Twitter Input

Yesterday, I had a moment. You know, that moment when you’re reinvigorated and reminded that, yup, you’re doing the right thing.

I was assigned to write copy for a new client project and was going to work with three different designers to come up with three different ideas for a simple promotional piece. When I met with the first designer, the idea just blew me away. No, it wasn’t anything crazy-complicated or super out-of-the-box by any means, but it was a refreshing new take on something really basic.

BAM! This is why I do what I do. I get to be creative and participate in interesting projects with some of the most inspired people out there. It’s moments like these that make agency life rock.

My giddy, inspired self took to Twitter to not only express my love for agency life but to ask other creatives why they love it, too. Why it keeps them on their toes. Why it excites them. And you know what? I really liked what I heard.

@romke: New projects. New tech. Pushing the envelope.

@amluebke: Working with creative, ambitious people. Diversity in projects and clients. Ability to try on a variety of roles!

@kjpociask: Each client means new relationships, new research, new skill sets flexed. A challenge for my brain!

@mkenerd: This is easy. The people, the projects and the excitement I feel when I wake up every morning!

@socialskipper: Energy. Excitement. Fear and thrill of the unknown. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to learn. Passion.

@cjibo: You never know what the next thing will be so you are never bored. It is not the same old same old day in and out.

@dan_shunk: Everyday is something new. Crazy last minute requests. Thinking up ways to sell something that people need. Or maybe because we get to think outside the box.

@ijyoung: Working with clever people keeps you on your toes.

And of course, the Z2 team had similar things to say.

  • April: Agency life continuously challenges you. There’s no monotony because you’re never doing the same thing twice. No two days–or hours, for that matter–will ever be the same.
  • Mario: One week I’m planning a party for Milwaukee’s who’s who… and the next I’m flying to Utah for a flash mob.  I’m creative and chaotic all at once.
  • Pete: It’s always something new and challenging, and it’s exciting to create work that defines brands and that our clients fall in love with.
  • Dawn: You never do the same job twice. Every client is different. Every project is different, so it’s like going to a new job every day.
  • Jessica: It’s hard to anticipate what’s coming next, you’re always being pulled in different directions and clients will always make you work for an approval.
  • Kerry: I love that there are new challenges every day. It is definitely never boring.
  • Kim: Agency life is different every day. You never know what’s coming next, and sometimes that can be really exciting.
  • Kevin: Beats staying home and watching Maury Povich.

Thanks to everyone who responded — every single one of you continuously encourage me to think out of the box — and hopefully you’re all a little more inspired to take a simple little project and turn it into something really compelling!

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