Cory Inspired students at UW-Whitewater

Last Thursday, Cory made the trek down to a place that I have called home for the past five years – UW-Whitewater. He spoke to a Public Relations Tactics II class taught by Ann Knabe about how he started in the marketing business and how Z2 came to be. He reiterated how important it is to never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams and how going through turmoil and hardship is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

Through some amazing photographs, including ones he took of Aaron Rodgers, C. Thomas Howell and a little girl named Emily, he showed students what inspires him to go to work every day. What he didn’t know, but had hoped for, was that he was inspiring UW-Whitewater students with every click of the mouse.

After Cory’s presentation, I hung around the classroom for a bit and was thrilled by what I was hearing from the students.

“He was so cool!”

“Definitely one of the best speakers that I’ve ever heard.”

“I really want to intern there.”

“He was so funny!”

And one girl, “I’m so jealous he got to meet Aaron Rodgers.” (So am I!)

These students may have walked out of the classroom feeling inspired, but the biggest change that Cory made in those students was having one student by the name of Brendan, change his minor in public relations to a major in public relations that very same day. I also left the classroom inspired and that feeling of “I am definitely in the right industry” and all fluttery-in-the-stomach about public relations and marketing, came back to me. Not to mention the fact that I am extremely grateful to be interning at such an amazing place as Z2.

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