Review of A Night At The Calatrava

On Saturday, April 9, chances are you could have found me with a curling iron dangerously close to my scalp. Since I had never been to an event like A Night At The Calatrava before, you can imagine the stress I went through to get ready and pick the right dress. The invitation called for guests to be “dressed to impress” and I didn’t want to disappoint.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from the highly anticipated This Time Tomorrow Foundation event at the Milwaukee Art Museum, but I was anxious to find out.

I was joined by my friend Allison, and after waiting in a short line to hand over our tickets, we marched down the red carpet, feeling a bit like celebrities as our picture was taken.

From there, we continued down the long hall toward the Calatrava and passed a large assortment of silent auction items. Many items caught our eyes, including the signed Justin Bieber photograph. Needless to say, my 14-year-old sister was very jealous that I got to see it in person – she’s got Bieber Fever!

Halfway down the hall, the smell of appetizers hit us. Wow. Rounding the corner into the Calatrava, we caught a glimpse of the tables full of food, and everything looked as amazing as it smelled. Allison and I had just gotten dinner together so we skipped the appetizers and nabbed a bunch of the delicious desserts later in the night.

After saying “hello” to some familiar faces, we grabbed a couple glasses of Chardonnay and socialized, all while taking in the enormity of the Calatrava. You don’t realize how big it truly is until there’s an entire stage and hundreds of people mingling in it.

Oh, and I should add that when there’s a party like this going on, Milwaukeeans sure know how to dress to impress!

“What stuck with me from the event was the mother who spoke about her young daughter’s experience with Leukemia.  Their story was powerful and made me feel fortunate to have had a normal childhood,” Allison said about LLS “Girl of the Year” Corah Buth, pictured above with her parents and older sister.

Sadly, neither of us won the Lime Citrine necklace raffle, but we had a wonderful time nonetheless. The speeches were touching, the music was great and the Calatrava looked amazing, filled with hundreds of caring Milwaukee community members.

As Allison so aptly put it, “Milwaukee has a big heart, and I’m proud we came together for a cause like that.”

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