Drink in Style

So this blog is two-fold.

First, I have become a victim of the StumbleUpon epidemic.  In my stumbling endeavor through the world wide web, I came across this website with fun ice cube trays, among numerous other interesting sites.  I thought some of these were really creative – especially the Gin & Titonic ice cube trays.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

And these guitar ice cubes….

Now for the second part.  See that lime on the edge of the Gin & Titonic glass?  What if it was cut like this:  Cocktail Genius

Fake or not, that’s still pretty entertaining.  With one of those bartenders and shaped ice cubes….there could be a whole new spin on Cosmo Friday!

What are some of the coolest ice cube shapes or bartending tricks you’ve seen?

April 25, 2011 · Posted by in art, design, misc, video  


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