Facebook Jumps on the Coupon Bandwagon

Having lived in San Diego for a couple years after college, I have quite a few friends still in that area. Earlier this week, I noticed in my Facebook news feed that several of those friends had “subscribed to Deals.” Later, I started coming across articles introducing Facebook’s Deals launch.

Deals is Facebook’s version of Groupon or LivingSocial and has been released as a “test” in five cities: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. According to Time Magazine, “Facebook Deals will be the first among the major companies to truly integrate social networking with the online couponing business. Deals can be shared with friends, and users will be able see what their friends have bought.”

“The company hopes that it will distinguish itself from its competitors because Deals taps straight into the social network Facebook users themselves have already built up. That’s instant access to 600 million and counting users. It is a major disadvantage for competitors like Groupon and LivingSocial, which are built around the idea of buying shared deals but do not present an easy way to organize it.”

I’ve seen many friends post their Groupon deals on Facebook to share with their networks, so integrating the two worlds should be a seamless fit. I think it will be successful. However, I’m starting to feel like the online group discounting market is getting a little too saturated. I only want to receive so many offers in one day until I start to feel bombarded. Still, I’m curious to see when, if ever, Deals will hit Milwaukee.

April 29, 2011 · Posted by in marketing, social media  


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