If you’ve consumed any form of Milwaukee media this week, you’ve probably heard about the “Where’s Bernie?” promotion implemented by the Milwaukee Brewers. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, with the assistance of the Milwaukee County Parks and other Wisconsin-based parks, team mascot Bernie Brewer planned a statewide scavenger hunt called “Where’s Bernie?” and Brewers fans across Wisconsin had an opportunity to win prizes by participating.

More than 1,400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments, 400 with special pouches attached to them, were scattered across the state in various cities. The pouches contained game tickets, and some included additional prizes such as certificates for a night in a Miller Park Suite and game-used memorabilia; and Milwaukee County Parks passes for golf, water parks, and the Mitchell Park Domes. In addition, 100 of the lawn ornaments were autographed by Brewers players and personnel.

The hunt for Bernie officially began at 5am on Tuesday, May 24. Leading up to the 24th, Bernie used his Twitter account, @Bernie_Brewer, to give clues to fans about the location of where the 400 lawn ornaments with prizes would be placed. The promotion garnered coverage from nearly all Milwaukee-based media outlets and even went national (although maybe for the wrong reasons).

I love the idea behind this promotion. The Brewers capitalized on the fact that they have many loyal (sometimes crazy) fans that are highly motivated when it comes to all things Brewers. From both a social media and a traditional public relations perspective, the Brewers hit this one out of the park. (Pun intended.) And although there were reports of greedy fans hoarding lawn ornaments and starting their search early, I’d definitely call the promotion an overall success.

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Math Needs Better Marketing

“Math Needs Better Marketing. Hire a marketing firm or something…”

There’s been a lot of talk about STEM lately, and the importance of its role in the future of the United States. The CNN story Why would-be engineers end up as English majors talks about the issue, and in the video has a great line about math needing better marketing.

Math does need better marketing. I should know, I’m not great at math. I’ve been using computers for 30 years and just assumed they’d handle all the math for me. Understanding the more complex theories of math had always eluded me. (Note: Check out Math Monday for some lessons in making math more fun.)

We tend to think of marketing as telling a story. You may have a great product, and amazing service, but people need to know about it, and be informed as to why you have a great product, and amazing service. Z2 does this utilizing ideas, design, photography, video, pr, copywriting, and all of our other services. We depend on our clients to be the best in their industry, and they depend on us to tell their story in a compelling manner.

There’s one more great quote in the video:

“Most people opt-out of hard things.”

I feel pretty secure in saying that Z2 does not consist of the people who opt-out of hard things.

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Here’s an example for why you should always use spell check! The Richardson School District in Dallas County, Texas didn’t, so when it honored Richardson West Junior High student Emily White, it misspelled a word, and a pretty significant one. The certificate shows it spelled the word “spelling” – speling.

The district admits the certificate was printed without using spell check. Nice job Emily! Richard School District, I know you’ve learned a lesson too.

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Here’s an odd, yet true, tale of superior customer service. When Kim’s (a Z2 team member) brother, Tyler, recently placed an order online for a t-shirt from Skin Industries (a skateboarder-type brand), he noted in the “Special Instructions” section: “If you draw me a picture of a monkey fighting a shark, I will die happy.” Yes, we thought this was a bit strange, too. But, what’s even more strange is what he received enclosed in his package shortly thereafter. Evidenced below.

As you can see, the company clearly gave Tyler just what he asked for. Now, although this is a silly example, there is still a lesson to be learned here—one that we’ve all heard a million times, but one that is still valid. Give your customer what he/she wants. Listen to his/her needs and meet them to the best of your abilities.

Although I’m not sure how the customer service manager at Skin Industries would feel about his/her employee’s use of time, I’m sure Tyler appreciated the care the employee took to fulfill his (odd) request. I can guarantee this experience has reinforced Tyler’s commitment to the brand. And he can now die happy. (Plus, we found out about this story via Facebook… so Tyler’s friends are also receiving the positive message.)

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You may remember seeing the Milwaukee Wave “UNITE” video we shot last year. It was for the 2010/2011 MISL season, which, the Wave just happened to win. I’m sure much of their success was due to the video. (Just kidding!)

But seriously… we love these larger video shoots, and now that Joe and I got a chance to edit all the behind the scenes footage, you can catch a glimpse of what the 12+ hour day was like for us. (Also, it was about 95 degrees that day.)

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