Customer Service Goes the Extra Mile

I’m a tweeter. I tweet about things that excite me (like being at the White House on Sunday night), but I also tweet about the things that bug me.

So when Glamour magazine said they’d print a question I asked, but attributed it to someone else, you know I said something. I tweeted about it.

Was it really a big deal? Of course not. But I was disappointed. Glamour, however, contacted me and asked if they could send me a little something to make up for my disappointment.

Sure, why not. I DM’d my address, expecting to get one of those cheap “free gift!” type knick-knacks that magazines promote to sell subscriptions. Regardless, they were making an effort and I was grateful.

Imagine my surprise when a decent size box shows up on my doorstep, with a Glamour bag inside, which included a very nice tote, bottle of fancy lotion and a new Glamour book that sells for like $25 or something.

gift from glamour: book, tote, lotion

And if that wasn’t way more than I ever thought I’d receive, I later noticed a handwritten sticky note on the bag, thanking me for being a loyal reader. Wow.

handwritten note from Glamour

Needless to say, I was totally amazed that they went so far above and beyond what I ever expected.

So now what? Well, now they have one more happy reader who will continue to engage in the brand, probably even more than before. And I’m going to share my positive experience with my followers. Win for them, win for me.

Just goes to show that when a brand really digs deep and interacts with their audience, good things can happen. So stop just posting deals and links to your websites. Talk with your users. Get to know them. Treat them well. You’ll be rewarded.

May 3, 2011 · Posted by in misc, social media  


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