Free Sky Show

Halley's Comet This Friday night you’ll be treated to a special sky show. Halley’s Comet will be passing by after a 25 year break from our inner solar system. You should be able to see more shooting stars on Friday because it’s the comet’s peak night.

Astronomers consider Halley’s Comet to be the only short-period comet visible to the naked eye from Earth. First recorded around 240 BC, and possibly as early as 1059 BC, it’s named after Edmund Halley.  The English astronomer was able to determine that comets visible between 1531 and 1607, were the same comet that followed a 76-year orbit.

The best way to catch a glimpse is to be outside before sunrise and look up for shooting stars. Those shooting stars are the comet’s debris.  While Friday is the peak viewing day, you’ll be able to watch the show for the next few days. The shower happens three to four days before and after May 6th.

If you miss the view this week, you’ll have to wait a while for the next show. Halley’s Comet won’t return until 2061.

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  1. Pete Prodoehl on May 4th, 2011 9:31 am

    I’ll catch the next one… I hope! :)