Math Needs Better Marketing

Math Needs Better Marketing

“Math Needs Better Marketing. Hire a marketing firm or something…”

There’s been a lot of talk about STEM lately, and the importance of its role in the future of the United States. The CNN story Why would-be engineers end up as English majors talks about the issue, and in the video has a great line about math needing better marketing.

Math does need better marketing. I should know, I’m not great at math. I’ve been using computers for 30 years and just assumed they’d handle all the math for me. Understanding the more complex theories of math had always eluded me. (Note: Check out Math Monday for some lessons in making math more fun.)

We tend to think of marketing as telling a story. You may have a great product, and amazing service, but people need to know about it, and be informed as to why you have a great product, and amazing service. Z2 does this utilizing ideas, design, photography, video, pr, copywriting, and all of our other services. We depend on our clients to be the best in their industry, and they depend on us to tell their story in a compelling manner.

There’s one more great quote in the video:

“Most people opt-out of hard things.”

I feel pretty secure in saying that Z2 does not consist of the people who opt-out of hard things.

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