The Start of Something Brilliant

I am Jenifer Pizur and I am the summer PR intern. Olivia gave me a challenge of making my first blog post interesting and exciting.

I have been a member of Facebook since I started college a few years ago and have always found it helpful in connecting with people. I now have accounts for Twitter and LinkedIn, which I didn’t think I would ever get into, but I am starting to see how beneficial they are to my career. One of my first tasks here was to look into social media ideas for some of the clients we have and as I was checking out one of the Facebook pages I caught myself looking at the ads on the right side. Now I know they are on every single page, but I was thinking about how often I actually click on them.

Every other time I am on Facebook I take a look at one. The ad is either something I already use or have heard about and want more information about. It is brilliant, and convenient for me.

How do they know what companies or product I am interested in? When creating a Facebook ad companies are able to target a specific demographic. They give the example of CM Photography targeting women ages 24-30 who indicated they are engaged on their profile.

Eteacher Group an online language academy, uses Facebook ads and reported the click-to-lead rate of Facebook is double that of other social networking sites. Although you can’t find the number of times people click on these ads many companies have shown an increase in traffic coming from Facebook.

These are the ideas that people in my career choice come up with. I can’t wait to come up with a new innovative idea for the Z2 clients.

June 6, 2011 · Posted by in misc, social media  


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