Ticked Off About Texting!

I think this PSA video is a great example of how one company was able to turn something negative into a positive, plus it’s so darn funny!

Alamo Drafthouse, a local chain of movie theaters in Austin, Texas, doesn’t tolerate impolite moviegoers who talk and text on their cellphone. One recent guest, after being warned twice about texting during the movie, was escorted from her seat and forced to leave without a refund. She called Alamo Drafthouse, giving them a profanity laced piece about how she felt about the matter. The company turned her cuss-rant, voice-mail message into a hilarious in-house movie preview warning to other to stay off their phones.

The company uses her voice-mail, transcribes her words so they delicately appear on the screen as she angrily spews them. The end result is amusing and very effective video. My favorite ramble, “So excuse me for using my phone, in USA magnited States of America. Where yer-you are free to text in a the-a-ter!” Cheers to Alamo Drafthouse!

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One Response to “Ticked Off About Texting!”

  1. April on June 9th, 2011 5:03 pm

    Love the transcriptions!