Final Cut Pro… Yuk!

Final Cut Pro X

I’ve been trying (well, not trying that hard) to avoid looking into Apple’s Final Cut Pro X for a few reasons. One being, I’m the guy who evaluates software, and recommends upgrades, but also because I do some of the editing here (as well as a home) so a major piece of software we rely on being “upgraded” and being touted as “revolutionary” is a bit concerning.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple could have used the line “Everything just changed, and you’ll hate it.” but that probably wouldn’t have been good marketing. But hey, you can fire up the Mac App Store and see that Final Cut Pro X is just $299.99. That seems to be the only good news about this new version. It’s cheaper. No, I take that back… For the things that are missing, that price may be correct. By the way, if you want Motion or Compressor, those are both available in the Mac App Store as well, for an additional $49.99. Each.

Here’s a nice FAQ about FCPX. Here’s a game for you, count how many questions have the answer “no.” Here’s a few:

Q: Can I open old Final Cut Pro projects in FCPX?
A: No.

Q: Can I import or export XML?
A: No.

Q: Can I export EDLs or marker lists?
A: No.

Q: Does Final Cut Pro X have native R3D or XDCAM support?
A: No.

Q: How do I reconnect media?
A: You can’t.

OK, that last one technically wasn’t “no” but it was close enough.

This isn’t the first time Apple has done this… They did it with iMovie. The latest version was a complete re-write, and similar to the older version in name only. People hated it so much when it came out, Apple made the old version available for download and put it in a folder named ‘iMovie (previous version).’

They also did quite a makeover of Logic, though that was mainly an interface makeover, and I think it was all part of finishing the acquisition of Logic from Emagic and fitting it into the Apple universe.

Remember when I said you could check out FCPX in the Mac App Store? That’s where you can also read reviews which such titles as “Extremely buggy, overly simplistic”, “Not for an Editing House”, “HUGE problems and disappointing”, “NOT FOR PROS! This is NOT a Pro application”, and of course, “P.O.S.”

I know it’s still early days, and I’ve seen a number of posts saying that the missing features will get added back in over time and future releases, but for pro users, that means either waiting, or getting it right now, and complaining about it. Even though we live in a right now world, I’m going to recommend that waiting idea…

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7 Responses to “Final Cut Pro… Yuk!”

  1. Cory Z on June 23rd, 2011 10:44 am

    I spent about 2 hours reading and watching the videos Apple gives to show the upgrades and the more I did the more I got pissed! z2 owns a RED ONE (other wise known as one of the leading HD cameras in the industry and has HUGE files and cost a lot of money). So when I edit my RED files on a software that cost me less than a plugin, lost it’s features and looks like the same interface that my 11 year old daughter uses to make her kitty videos with… I get a little concerned. z2 WILL NOT be upgrading anytime soon. I LOVE MAC and I like what they did to LOGIC. I’m amazed they got the audio side right (which they got in late) and not the video side (which they got in much sooner). AND FCP jumped onto the scene and made a HUGE splash in the Pro world right away. Well they just kicked themselves in the gut on this one. Well I guess AVID’s web site is getting a lot of hits now.

  2. Pete Prodoehl on June 23rd, 2011 11:05 am

    I’m *really* hoping this is such a “first release” that they listen to the professionals that have built their careers on Final Cut and put in all the pieces that are missing. I don’t see how they can hope to continue it as a Pro App if they don’t.

  3. achernow on June 23rd, 2011 11:21 am

    I still was on Final Cut Pro 6 and was hoping that FCP X was going to be a decent upgrade. Now I’m regretting not upgrading to 7.

    I’m seriously now looking into both Media Composer and Premiere Pro. I’m familiar with both, enough that I can clumsily work my way through them, but I’d spent years teaching myself and bettering my skills on Final Cut Pro.

    I really hope that Apple sees all the negative comments from the pros, who are allegedly the target of this app, and fixes things. Otherwise, they’re about to loose significant market share in the industry.

  4. Pete Prodoehl on June 23rd, 2011 11:43 am

    I can’t help but agree with the comments that it should have been called ‘iMovie Pro” instead.

    When I think about how popular Apple products have become in the last few years, and look at their shift to more “consumer” based software, I worry that they are caring less and less about the professional users, the ones who buy the top of the line Mac Pros and will plunk down $1,000 for FCP because it is (was?) worth it.

    Apple does have a history of being first with new things, even if it’s not perfect, and then improving things over time, so I just hope we see that sort of thing happen with FCPX.

    But yes, we’ll also start looking for alternatives.

  5. Cory Z on June 23rd, 2011 12:30 pm

    On the price you have to remember not to long ago Avid systems were in the 10′s of thousands of $’s and up. Same thing with ProTools vs Logic. The big shift then was bringing the price down to a point where more people can jump on, but running the fine line from Pro to consumer. If I fall to FCPX (the way it is now) I fall to a common consumer and I no longer am the “pro” I once was (This is a general statement btw). Pushing the limits of the medium starts falling backwards. The Pros are the ones that push it and help the medium evolve. $1k is NOT a lot of money when it comes down to the strength of the tool. I hit a ceiling on iMovie 30 min after I used when it came out years ago.

    Bringing the price to $1000 was a big deal and was the reason I went to FCP vs Avid. But now dropping to 299 puts up the classic “Whats wrong with it” question and can’t wait for the big Walmart national promotion. I guarantee there will be jumpers if they don’t act on this and do v2 fast. I can hold out for a bit but not for ever. I need a powerful system and app to do my work and I need company behind the app to push ME.

  6. Pete Prodoehl on June 23rd, 2011 12:39 pm

    As far as pricing, if you do professional work, $1,000 for a piece of software (assuming you’ll be making money with it) is not that much to invest in a tool. Adobe’s Creative Suite is similarly priced, and again, if you make money, either full time, or freelance, you should be able to make enough to pay for these tools.

    I hit the iMovie limit and jumped to Final Cut Express. I recommended it to everyone, and it made sense. iMovie was basically free (with a new Mac) and Final Cut Express was about $150, very cheap for what it did. I used it last week, in combination with REDCINE-X to edit RED footage at HD resolution.

    There was this good tired system of iMovie, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut Studio that appears to now be gone, and it’s a shame.

  7. Cory Z on June 24th, 2011 8:08 am

    This is awesome and says it all: