What Is The Best Time To Tweet?

If you want your tweets to take flight, does the time you send them matter? Is a note posted at 9:30am more likely to be re-tweeted, versus one that’s posted at 1:15pm? A website called “When To Tweet?” thinks so, and it’s ready to help you get the most exposure for your message.

The service created back in 2010 is free and easy to use. It analyzes the time your followers are most active on Twitter. You simply enter in your user name, and the program runs the numbers and selects the time when you will be able to reach the largest audience. It can take a few minutes – mine even after 40 minutes still hadn’t determined my ideal Twitter time – but you can see other users and the time graphic that were created for them.

Since it’s free, it’s worth trying. Go check it out and post your ideal Twitter time below.

June 29, 2011 · Posted by in social media  


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