Anything but Billboardinary!

I can appreciate a good billboard just as much as the next designer, so this post on 40 Absolutely Brilliant Billboard Ads was worth a look…


This one is awesome for the fact that a little ball actually goes through the maze. Sure, you could do something like it with a digital billboard, but it wouldn’t be the same.


This McDonalds billboard uses a sundial with an “M” on it, which relies on sunny days, and specific placement, etc. And hey, it’s also a clock!

Comedy Channel

This one is just awesome…. optical illusion typography? You will obey!

Over the years we’ve had a few meetings with billboard advertising companies, and they get just as excited about these sort of crazy ideas as designers do. It’s the clients that need the convincing. So many are willing to just do the “normal” thing, and not step outside the old “same old, same old” box and try to deliver something new that will get people talking.

Have you seen any awesome billboards lately?

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