Smart Way to Shop?

While shopping at a new grocery store in South Korea, you don’t need a cart, but instead your smart phone. Homeplus Smart Virtual Store, located in a subway station in southern Seoul, is the world’s first virtual grocery store.

Homeplus says it’s making the change in response to changing consumer habits and the market’s surge in smartphone use. Shoppers in the virtual store scan barcodes on the items with the Homeplus app. There are 500 different products like milk, cheese and laundry detergent to choose from. Once your selections are made, the information is sent to the company who then delivers the items to your home later that day.

Homeplus says, so far, their virtual store has been a success, stating 650,000 people downloaded their special shopping app. Is this something you’d like to have in the United States, or do you prefer the real store experience?

August 31, 2011 · Posted by in misc  


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