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I really like photographers who share… not just their images, but techniques behind how they create their images.

Alex Koloskov (who I first discovered on Google+) has a nice blog where he gets into detail of his shots, and shows some of the setups he uses.

He’s got a good post about Professional photography without professional equipment, that shows how you can get some good shots with cheapo stuff.

Oh no! He’s giving away all the secrets! :)

I’m mostly kidding… In reality though, it really is the person behind the camera, and their years of experience, that contribute to the photo more than the gear. Our studio is full of stuff like foamcore boards, DIY diffusers, aluminum foil, and even 50 year old barn wood, as well as expensive lighting gear. We mix it up, and come up with what works.

It’s the “what works” that is the real secret… or maybe it’s no secret at all. It takes a lot of practice, so if you’re wanting better photos, don’t worry about the gear that gets you there as much as you worry about the light, and creative ways to manipulate the light.

September 8, 2011 · Posted by in photo  


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