Social Media = More Media

If PR is important to your client, make sure they’re on LinkedIn. That’s because a new survey from Arketi Group, says 92 percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account and use it to find sources for stories.

That number shows an increase from 85 percent in 2009. The study says those numbers are up because LinkedIn is an easy way for reporters to find people they’d like to interview.

“It comes as no surprise more B-to-B journalists are participating in social media sites, especially LinkedIn,” Mike Neumeier, principal of Arketi Group, says, “LinkedIn provides an online outlet for them to connect with industry sources, find story leads and build their professional networks.”

While LinkedIn appears to be the most popular social media site for journalist, they’re using other networks too. The survey reports 85 percent are on Facebook and 84 percent use Twitter.

If you want to secure more media coverage for your client, make sure they’re being more social.

September 14, 2011 · Posted by in pr, social media  


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