“Everyone’s Excited in Press Releases”


I imagine reporters have numerous pet peeves in regard to public relations specialists. It’s the nature of the beast. An example: pitching a reporter the morning of his/her 1pm weekly deadline is a definite no-no in the media relations world. As a PR professional, it’s important to identify those annoying habits and try to minimize them as much as possible.

I recently came across an article about a Mashable editor who decided to broadcast one of his pet peeves to the world in hopes of stopping the practice for good. According to the article, “Mashable’s business and marketing editor Todd Wasserman found so many releases peppered with the word ‘excited’ he decided to Tumbl a daily stream of them–with links to PRNewswire and BusinessWire—on ‘Everyone’s Excited in Press Releases.’” View some examples below.

So, how do we go about identifying our own annoying habits? By listening to reporters in his/her rants like this “excited” example, through our own experience in working with reporters and through personal communication with our contacts. In the world of PR, the media is king. As PR professionals, we need to cater to their wants/needs.

And for the record, the word “excited” has been officially deleted from my professional dictionary.

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  1. Bob on October 3rd, 2011 11:06 pm

    Nobody gets that excited about pre-packaged pasta. Just sayin’.