We All Heart New York

The New York Daily News recently wrote an article about how the iconic “I Love New York” logo is raking in millions for the state through licensing fees. The logo was created by the renowned designer Milton Glaser in 1977. He did the work pro boon since it was to benefit the state, which was at one of its lowest points – crime was high and the city was near bankruptcy.

In true “Mad Men” style, the logo was scribbled down in the back of a taxi (the sketch now resides in the Museum of Modern Art). The logo is a simple rebus that stacks the letters I, N and Y and a ♥ as the symbol for love. The letters are set in a modified version of American Typewriter and the ♥ symbol, is a precursor to the many emoticons we use today. Many credit the logo and campaign with kick starting the necessary reforms in New York.

In the past thirty years, the logo has been seen on t-shirts, mugs, perfume bottles, has been copied countless times and even inspired the name of a horrible reality tv show. Most importantly, the message for the campaign was positive and clearly still resonates today – Glaser even created a modified version of the logo to commemorate the 9.11 attacks. The “I Love New York” campaign is a true testament to the power of good design.

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