New Ketchup-More Choices

Are you tired of messy ketchup packets? Heinz, the ketchup company, was and decided to clean up its image by creating a unique new package.

Heinz Dip & Squeeze, was first introduced in restaurants like Dairy Queen and Chik-fil-A earlier this year. The new packets give people two choices for Heinz Ketchup use. One could peel back the label to dip, or tear off the top if you want to squeeze some ketchup on your food. The new packets also provide people with three times more ketchup than the older version.

“Consumer demand for this product has been tremendous, as there is a universal need for convenient, portable packaging,” said Noel Geoffroy, Vice President of Heinz Brands. “We are thrilled to help consumers make it easier and more fun to dip or squeeze Heinz Ketchup no matter where they are.”

The new design has a familiar face. It’s shaped like a Heinz bottle with the same signature red color and familiar tomato vine and logo. The ketchup will be available in packs of 10 with a suggested retail price of $1.99. Will you buy into the ease of this new product, or run the risk of wearing red with those old packs?

September 27, 2011 · Posted by in branding, design, misc  


One Response to “New Ketchup-More Choices”

  1. Pete on September 27th, 2011 9:26 am

    From a packaging design standpoint, I can see the appeal here, with the ability to squeeze or dip. It’s nothing short of revolutionary. That said, does this design use more materials, therefore making it more wasteful? That’s my only concern here.

    As for the bottle, ah yes, the bottle. In packaging design, the bottle has always been held up as the ultimate container. Ketchup packets, as well as cans of soda, have often depicted a bottle. Will you ever see a bottle with a depiction of a packet on it? Not likely. The bottle wins.