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Ask 10 people around you to name a brand. I’m sure you will get answers like Coke, Levi’s and Starbucks, or even Fender and Apple.

But brands can be as simple as, well, you.  You are a brand. I am a brand. We have a personality and life experience and other things that people think of when they hear our name.  Some people will think good things and others, I’m sure, not so good. It’s your job to “brand” yourself. If you want people to like you, then you brand yourself in a certain light. Simple?

So, to answer the “simple question” is actually… simple.  Brands need to communicate.  Pure and simple, you need to communicate your personality, a feeling, a quality, in a simple, believable way. Stepping back and understanding the core behind the brand is sometimes the hardest thing to do. It’s subconscious.

Look at those brands I listed above again and compare them to you. When you think of them you might see a logo or a cup or even a guitar shape in your head, but subconsciously you think of what is behind it. A great taste, a feeling or an experience that you can’t put into words. When I think of my best friend there is no logo in my head, but a simple feeling. If I made a tagline for my best friend it might be: “Trusted. Loved and Respected.” Hell, my best friend doesn’t have a logo, brochure or even a website. That’s good branding of a brand.

So next time someone asks you to name five brands… put you on the list.

September 29, 2011 · Posted by in branding  


One Response to “Brand Chatter”

  1. Pete on September 29th, 2011 2:43 pm

    I think that the last 5+ years (mainly thanks to the Internet) has seen a rise in “Personal Branding” as more and more people establish themselves online, either as experts or something else. Things like blogging and social media have come to almost require a personal brand to stand out amongst all the noise nowadays.