Four Ways PR is Like Gardening

As my second season of vegetable gardening nears its end, I’ve been reflecting on my experience. And I have to admit, this year was a little disheartening. Most of my tomatoes didn’t grow, and the ones that did stayed green. My jalapenos started to sprout their fruit, but they never developed into an actual pepper shape. (What is that about?) If it weren’t for my bountiful zucchini, my vegetable crop would have been a bust.

Anyway, after reading a few “PR is like ____” articles this week, I’ve been inspired to write my own. Four Ways PR is Like Gardening:

  • Planting Seeds – PR professionals send out a lot of pitches and many of them don’t develop into anything. But if you don’t plant the seeds, there’s no chance of anything sprouting.
  • Nurturing Sprouts – When your seeds start to grow, you need to nurture them. Cultivate relationships with your media contacts and check in on developing stories.
  • Fighting Pests – “Pests” in the PR world are easy to come by. From unresponsive clients to looming deadlines, there are numerous obstacles to overcome to achieve the final product.
  • Harvesting Crops ­– Getting to your fully developed product takes a lot of effort. But when you’re successful, there’s no better gratification than seeing your hard work pay off, and presenting a great media placement to your client.  

Both gardening and PR campaigns have their ups and downs, but the end product is worth the effort. You can bet I’ll be back in the garden come spring.

October 7, 2011 · Posted by in pr  


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