UNICEF Trick or Treat goes Digital


It’s not easy taking something as simple as the UNICEF trick or treat donation box and making it evolve with technology but the people over at the United States Committee for UNICEF have managed to do just that. In 1950, the year of it’s inception, the program raised just $17 when a small group of kids in Philadelphia, PA walked their neighborhood asking for dimes and nickels instead of treats and candy on Halloween. That has grown to the massive participation today which has raised over $144 million for undernourished children.

The box has slowly evolved since it’s origins. In the 50′s, it was just an empty milk carton. In 2008 UNICEF introduced mobile phone text messaging, along with donation collections on MySpace and Facebook. Starting this year participants will have to opportunity to scan a QR code which will make the donation experience much more interactive. Not only are you able to donate through this web portal, but you can also upload a picture of yourself and create a digital costume which can be shared over the web. Depending on your donation amount, you are able to select from a number of digital costumes and photo effects.

So this year as you are out buying bags of candy for the children of your neighborhood, be sure to also download a QR code reader and do your part to help the less fortunate children in the world.

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