McDonald’s TV Debuts in California

Photo from LA Times

Now, here’s an interesting sales/marketing tactic. McDonald’s announced this week that it will be launching a TV channel for its dine-in customers that will feature exclusive original content. The programming will be customized to specific communities around the individual restaurants, and will include local news and entertainment features, such as spotlights on upcoming films, albums and TV shows, reports the LA Times. The channel will be rolled out slowly during the next few months and will soon be up and running in 800 McDonald’s restaurants in Southern and Central California.

In terms of sales and marketing, the McDonald’s Channel is a great idea. I would think the programming would help draw in diners and increase their length of stay, thus increasing their purchasing. In terms of America’s well being, however, the McDonald’s Channel is a terrible idea. Not to beat a dead horse, but we’re all aware of the obesity rates in our country. Bringing TV to fast food is a recipe for disaster.

October 21, 2011 · Posted by in marketing  


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