Three Essentials for a Good PR Story

Time and time again clients approach me with “PR ideas” that I’m 99.9% sure won’t attract any media attention. Don’t get me wrong… I certainly appreciate their enthusiasm for sharing information with me. Typically, the more info I get from clients, the better. However, when they expect a magazine feature from something like a “new-and-improved” product with one minor tweak, we’re in trouble. As a general rule, the following are three basic necessities that make up a good PR pitch.

1)      Timely and/or unique ideas – Why is your idea newsworthy? Why does the media care about your message? Your pitch needs to stand out from the clutter. Re-hashing old news is not going to cut it.

2)     Expert sources – We can’t pitch a cooking segment to a broadcast TV station without a chef. Make sure your interview subject is lined up (and media trained) before contacting the media.

3)    Visuals, visuals, visuals – If you’re pitching to a magazine, make sure you have a great collection of relevant photos to share with the pub. If you’re pitching to a TV news morning show, think about what your client will be doing on camera or how you can supplement the interview with something interesting to look at.

Keep in mind, this post refers to traditional PR. Social media is an entirely separate beast. Which brings up another great point… PR ideas and social media ideas are two different things. Yes, one idea can sometimes span both disciplines, but oftentimes, topics addressed through social media outlets are completely inappropriate for pitching to traditional media sources.

November 4, 2011 · Posted by in pr  


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