Walls the Color of ‘Rust on my Truck’

In previous posts, I’ve addressed gender-based marketing—issues like segregated shopping aisles, manly diet soda and Chick Beer. But here’s one I find especially fascinating. A Canadian paint company, CIL Paints, recently renamed 27 of its paint colors in an attempt to increase their appeal to men.

Following is a list of some of new colors, followed by their original names in parenthesis.

Beer Foam (Bone White)

Dirty Socks (Lexington Park)

5 O’Clock Shadow (Plateau Grey)

Porcelain Throne (Pillar)

Bromance (Romance)

Zombie Apocalypse (Juliet’s Potion)

Top Gun (Mystery Sound)

Brute Force (Great Grey)

Down & Dirty (Twilight Zone)

Bro Code (Venetian Turquoise)

Sucker Punch (Plum Escape)

Rust on my Truck (Classic Liberty Red)

Although I personally wouldn’t be caught dead with ‘Dirty Socks’ on my walls, I’m also not the demographic the paint company is trying to reach. Overall, I think the clever new positioning will be successful. I can already see ‘man caves’ around the world boasting ‘Beer Foam’ ceilings and ‘Rust on my Truck’ walls.

November 11, 2011 · Posted by in marketing  


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