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iPad Ship

We tend to deal more with hotels than cruise ships, and we’ve had more than one discussion about iPads in every guest room, but here’s a ship that will have iPads in every stateroom.

Royal Caribbean’s 2,074-passenger Splendour of the Seas is currently in dry dock being refurbished, and one of the new additions to the ship will be an iPad for every stateroom. The idea is to give guests a new way to get information. The daily Cruise Compass newsletter will be accessible from the iPad, providing a list of events and activities, personal daily itineraries, and shore excursions. Guests can also watch movies or surf the Internet. Want to look at a restaurant menu or check your ever-growing bar tab? There’s an iPad for that.

I’m a fan of the iPad and if they do it right, I can see it being a great interface to all of the information you may need on a cruise.

(Disclaimer: I’ve never been on a cruise, though I do own a canoe. And no, I’ve never taken the iPad with me on any canoe trips.)

November 28, 2011 · Posted by in misc  


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